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Important information about diamonds

The value of a diamond is determined by four criteria. These weight (Carat), color, the cut of the diamond and the clarity, the so called 4 C’s.

The weight of a diamond is measured in carat. One carat equals 0,20 grams.

The colour of a diamond is measured using a colour table. The different colour levels go from D (superfine white) to Z (tinted yellow).

There are many different ways diamonds are formed and cut such as the Princess cut, the Emerald cut, the Asscher cut, the Oval cut, the Radiant cut, the Pear cut, the Heart cut and the Pillow cut but the Brilliant cut is the most popular due to it’s 58 facets.

The clarity of a diamond is determined by the size, colour, form and position of the inclusions in the gemstone. The highest level of clarity begins with the predicate flawless and then moves on to VVS1-2 (Very Very Slight Inclusions), VS1-2 (Very Slight Inclusions) and Sl1-2 (Slight Inclusions) until it reaches the area P1-3 (Pikee) where one can make out the inclusions with the naked eye.